Powerful Chia Milkshake to Lose 6 Kilos in 1 Week!

Chia is one of the most beneficial plants for our organism and has great nutritional properties. These seeds are used in ancient civilizations, and are well known among women and men for their rich properties in Omega 3, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and also for helping us burn fat.

Many scientific studies have been done on this seed demonstrating its ability to help us lose weight, but it is very important not to overtake this seed, a tablespoon or 25 grams are enough daily because otherwise it could be counterproductive.

The benefits of Chia seeds for losing weight

  • Chia acts very well as a regulator of the intestine. This is due to its potent fiber content thus regulating the lazy intestine. But it is important to drink 2 liters of water a day.
  • These seeds have the ability to accelerate our metabolism, burn fats in the waist and abdomen.
  • It gives us calcium, which helps us to digest more easily the fats we have consumed during the day. And to get a flat stomach.
  • It has the capacity to satisfy us, that is, to moderate our appetite. This will fill our stomachs, getting us to eat less than we should.
  • In addition, chia helps us fight anxiety, because it is an effective and recommended by nutritionists.
  • Thanks to its content in Omega 3, it is also an ally to combat cellulite and prevent premature aging..

To lose weight you must be constant and take it for at least 1 month. Chia seeds can be consumed along with milk, other vegetables, yogurts, in salads, in fruit smoothies, you can also make creams, soups, etc. There are plenty of healthy foods to which Chia can be added, but beware! Do not exceed the recommended amount per day.

This shake should be consumed twice a day. It should be taken one hour before the meal and take another shake as your dinner, 3 hours before going to sleep. Consume for 3 weeks and then rest for another 3 weeks. Repeat the process if you want to lose more weight.


  • 12 grams of chia seeds.
  • 1,5 cup milk, you can also use almond milk.
  • Half papaya.


Put the milk with the papaya into the blender and mix. You can also use other fruit. When you get a homogeneous mixture put the drink in a glass and add the 12 grams of chia seeds. Stir well with a spoon and let stand for 1 hour. Then drink it. If you want it fresh you can add some ice.